Membership Meeting Sunday the 25th

Twin Ports DSA Members and Associates:

Our monthly membership meeting is at 4 pm this Sunday at the Central Hillside Community Center, 12 E 4th St.

Everyone is welcome. We will continue to develop an approach to the housing issue specific to Duluth's needs and our abilities. DSA has adopted housing justice as a major area of focus, with a new committee that is to be elected by representatives from each chapter. But there are plenty of other things going on as well, from Line 3 activism to Krysten's Climate Emergency Event

Here is our full agenda :

Introductions first, then....

1. Debriefing from last meeting  --Lydia

2.. Lydia convention report 

3. Joel's DSA elected officials conference report

4. Housing 

     a. DSA has housing as a national priority, so we need a housing point person who can participate occasionally and keep us updated.

     b. Review Joel’s presentation and the possibility of the Housing 250 campaign

     c. Report from Affordable housing coalition

     d. Action item

5. Internal organizing update. Review John's handout and survey questions. Divide contacts after meeting.

6. Late Summer Picnic or other fun activity! Let’s get together for some fun before the we freeze solid for the winter.

7. Upcoming events (Pride fest, Pride Parade, MN350 Line 3 Event Sept 28th) 

8. Treasurer's report 

9. Secretary’s report 

10. Other business 

11. Adjourn!

I hope to see you there.

In Solidarity,

John Krumm
Twin Ports DSA




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